Your first day in the School Choss Club,
Alice shows you the basics, and then you face the unbeatable Carl Brok.

It seems every time Carl is in a bad position the game rolls back 1 turn !
That's certainly unfair... can you beat him ?


The only bit of code re-used was the buggy chess AI code that I made for another project, everything else was done by hand for this gamejam.

ps: the AI's pretty bad at checkmating, so if you can't win and it can't either you might need to reload, sorry x_x


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This was pretty fun, and the dialogue added to it. Gotta play strategic positions so Carl doesn't rollback before it's too late :) The chess AI is surprisingly good at its job, too.

exactly ! thanks :)

Fun if you're a chess fan (like me!)

yep, this is certainly more appreciable to chess players ahah, hopefully the rest too !